PR Trends Every Business Needs to Incorporate in 2019

Public relations is an essential part in every business. It supersedes enhancing a brands reputation, and has transcended into connecting emotionally with the public.

Since the emergence of people orientation technology, businesses have changed tremendously. For your brand to grow, it is important to stay on top of the digital trends. In 2018, the industry was changed by innovations such as Blockchain, social media algorithms and search engine optimization updates.

This change makes complex task easier and tweaks the old ways of doing things. For PR, writing press releases is no longer enough. Each piece has to be relevant, meet technology standards and must be attention worthy. The Global Communications Report reveals that the PR industry will grow enormously in the next 5 years—with certain trends accelerating the growth.

Here are some of the trends.

Humanising your brand

Humanising a brand has been embraced by PR professionals for a long time. Giving your brand human attributes is key if you want to grow. Try humanising your brand by associating it with a particular human problem that can be solved, it should be aiming a down-to-earth and emotional way to connect to your audience. While building a connection it should as well show empathy. Portray it in a light that it understands what the public is feeling. For example, you use social media to understand how pregnant women feel, so you can produce comfortable and inexpensive clothing for them. 

By creating a website and social media space for your audience you are creating a home for them, where you can reach them. Make sure that the content you create stands for your brand and it’s engaging. Show the team behind the brand and how they connect with the product. This will encourage people to show sentiments towards your brand.

Use visuals and micro-video content

Visual contents creates a deep connection between a brand and the public. If you followed the trends in 2018, you will notice an emergence of micro-video contents.

Studies have also shows that the human brain can process a full image in 13 milliseconds—that is less than it takes for you to blink. There’s a high probability that your audience will spend more time watching a video, than they would reading through a long text.

Transparency and authenticity

People are craving for more transparency. Consumers tend to rely on organisations that are sincere and this is why you should try to offer data, strategies and facts about the company’s processes. Show them who you really are. Showing the public some elements of your product/service helps them ease into it. As journalist try to gain the trust of the public, PR pro should try to work with the right media. Campaigns, content, and press releases should be issued constantly to handle their brand’s reputation.

Content is key

PR is changing, but its core value still remains the same and a good story is more appealing than a great argument. More than ever, the public is leaning towards more emotional narratives.

A good story is useless if it’s not seen, this is why PR pros need to partner with websites creators and content syndicators to make their business visible to the right audience and to connect with customers.

Social media and influencers remain significant

Social media continues to play a crucial role in many businesses today. It has given consumers a voice which you must not neglect. It can in fact tarnish the reputation of your brand or brighten it. Foremost, you have to secure your company’s reputation offline and online. 

Use social media management tools as “Hootsuite” “Buffer” “TweetDeck” to organize your social media contents. PR pros should use social media to start trends that helps their brand. You should lend a voice to stories that will paint your brands positively. Most influencers have their space on social media. By leveraging on them, you give your brand emotions that extend to your audience. 2018 saw the integration of brands and influencers and this trend will continue for a long time. 

These are not the only trends that will influence the industry. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and thought leadership are trends you should keep up with. To help you brand thrive, it is essential to flow with these trends and integrate them into your strategy.