If you are a person that priorities punctuality, an attentive and responsive person she’s the right fit for you. Mind you she’s very talented all it takes is a few words from you to explain what you need and she has the rest covered.
— Axinia Nazari, Public Relations Professional
Roberta is a most talented designer. I spent a considerable amount of time searching the internet for a designer who wasn’t going to charge me a lot of money to produce an unimaginative design; and eventually, in Roberta, I found someone who was full of ideas, thoroughly engaged, and expert at what she did. I could not have been more pleased with her work.
— Founder and CEO, Tell The Whole World.
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Robbie on numerous occasions and have been delighted by her work every time. Her meticulous attention to detail and passion for design always produces striking results that deliver on my demanding expectations. Her work ethic, professionalism and talent make her the easy choice for my design needs.
— Martin Sirakov, Co- Founder at Bulgarian Centre for Social Integration and Culture
Ich bekam von Roberta eine sehr schöne Werbebroschüre gestaltet. Ihre kreativen Ideen passten sehr gut zu meinen Vorstellungen und ich konnte mich immer auf ihr Urteil verlassen. Roberta arbeitet sehr genau, zuverlässig und pflegt eine sehr gute Kommunikation. Die Zusammenarbeit
mit ihr ist vertrauensvoll, besonders durch ihr ehrliches und freundliches Auftreten, und ist mir eine große Freude gewesen. Jederzeit würde ich wieder mit Roberta an einem gemeinsamen Projekt arbeiten.”
— Gero Ulbricht
Ich arbeite gern mit Roberta zusammen.
Ich mag ihre unkomplizierte, aufrichtige und stets freundliche und kompetente Art.
Roberta ist absolut pünktlich und sehr genau und bescheiden.
Sie hat mir wunderschöne Designs für meine ersten Flyer entworfen und einzigartige Visitenkarten ausgesucht.
Ich werde weiterhin mit ihr zusammen arbeiten und sie für neue Ideen immer zu Rate ziehen.
— Melanie Mueller, Founder & Owner of Ganzheitliche Aufrichtung
I have worked with Roberta on few projects and I was more than happy with the work she delivered.

If you are looking for someone to go the extra mile for you, then rest assured that Roberta is the person to go to. She is not only professional and competent at her work, but she is a sweet person, which makes working with her more agreeable.

During the times when we were working together, she was attentive; able to understand what I request from her, and give her suggestions confidently which were very helpful.

Roberta is a lovely, talented person and from all those times that I have worked with her, she has exceeded my expectations.
— Alishia Nazari, Marketing Professional