Why "Branding" Should Not Be Left As a Secondary Issue

When launching a brand new bar, cafe or restaurant the volume of business tasks and responsibilities you need to take care of can be enormous and at the same time exhausting: hiring enough staff, ensuring the aesthetics of the restaurant are right, buying in enough ingredients for your opening week and many more things that await to be done.

With all of these tasks to consider it is no surprise that so many food & beverage business owners of new bars, cafe’s and restaurants, neglect things they deem to be secondary issues, such as their branding. Not establishing your brand can have a negative effect when opening and in the future of your business. If you think that by having the logo, you have it all done, you are mistaken. Yes, the logo is a an essential part of the branding, but not the only one and sadly that is often forgotten or people simply don’t know about it.

The branding of your place will set it apart from its competitors. It will make a difference if customers will feel invited to enter its doors or rather choose an other place. The brand should extend across all parts of the business, from the entrance, to the name, the logo, the colours you choose and the atmosphere inside.  Everything must work together to create something bigger. All the parts have to work synchronised and if any don’t, the cracks start to show and the business may suffer.


“ A brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It’s the sum of all the experiences you have with a company.”

by Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Global


To conclude, when the branding is done well, it will give visual and emotional signals to potential customers and a better brand experience for your clients, they will connect the look and the feel of your place with the branding you have established and this is why branding should not be left as a secondary issue.