The Importance of Interior Design, Decoration & Branding as One for Food & Beverage Business owners

We all think that when we have the menu, the chef, the food and the website our mission is done, but don’t overlook the importance of interior design for your place. To stand out in an already crowded industry, your place has to provide not only good food and service, but also a unique dining, etc. environment to enhance the customer’s satisfaction.

The comfort of your guests is important to their overall acceptance of your place, and it contributes to their whole experience from food to customer service.

 Whether you’re taking care of your interior design yourself, getting a consultant or hiring a company to design and construct your new place or remodel your current one, let’s take into consideration the interior design and how you can use it to your advantage. 


Before you pick up a paintbrush or hand out the hammers, ask yourself.

·   How do I want my guests to feel and what is the customer experience I want them to have while they are there.


When starting the pre-planning, you must always keep the customer in front of your mind, before actually designing your place.



This applies not only for restaurants, but as well as for any place where you serve food & beverage.

 What kind of restaurant do you own? Will it be one of the new fast, classy casual restaurants? Or, will it be a burger joint, fine dining or a unique concept of your own?

 Foremost, think carefully about your place’s theme when designing or re-designing the space. Once you have decided on the theme, it is of great importance to carry your concept throughout the branding and the interior.

Remember, your customers will connect the look and the feel of your place with the branding. Therefore, it’s important to match your interior, packaging, menu, advertisements, website and even the exterior well and effectively together. In many cases, hiring an expert can help you, not only with the whole branding process and decision making but by maintaining the collaboration between different specialist as graphic designers, interior designer and architects.

The authors of the book “Successful Restaurant Design” Regina S. Baraban and Joseph F. Durocher say that the front and back of the house are meaningless without each other.

In their book they explain that the interior of a restaurant is a complex system that depends on all of its parts to function correctly.



Colour will definitely reflect the theme of your place. Make sure to carry your brand’s colours through from your print collateral, online presence to your place’s interior and decoration.

Customer satisfaction is also reflected when you pay attention to the tones you choose. Since colour perception is connected to emotions, colour plays a role in the happiness of your customers and their emotions they get by being in your place.



Lighting contributes greatly to the ambiance of your place. Depending on the style of your place and the feelings you want your customers to evoke. Light can certainly make a big impact on your customers experience and customers satisfaction.

 For example, natural light is often a good way to go, large windows give your restaurant or any other place you are designing a more open feel. Yellow or golden electric lighting, fireplaces or candles will create a warmer and a feeling of intimacy in smaller places.



The functionality of your place is important to create an inspiring atmosphere. Remember, the customer and the feelings they will evoke by entering or being in you place is important for their satisfaction and client loyalty. Since the customers are spending a fair amount of time in your place, you’ll want to ensure their comfort and a good customer experience.



When starting to plan how to furnish the space, you should consider the size and the shape of you place. You’ll also want to carefully plan your accessories from the paintings on the wall to the table centrepiece. Along with these accessories, you’ll want your dish ware, silverware and napkins to continue the theme of your décor and branding.


To conclude, you see how interior design, decoration and branding go hand in hand.

Don’t overlook the importance of one of them. All three together will help you build an inspiring atmosphere and a better brand experience for your customers, leaving your place fully satisfied by your food, service and ambience.