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My name is Roberta Grudeva

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist based in Berlin. Previously acquired career and academic experience in Cyprus, Italy and Bulgaria. Having had the opportunity to work with reputable international companies and talented professionals has been of paramount importance in my professional development as an adaptive, cross-cultural designer and has triggered the right amount of curiosity to always look for better ways for creating value for my clients.

Working in graphic design for seven years, I currently help
food and beverage business owners start and transform their places and customer experience by improving their Branding
and Interior. Through creating an inspiring atmosphere and strengthening their brand, so that it delivers a better level of customer satisfaction that delights customers and builds an everlasting relationship.

I work closely with the talented Interior Designer - Macha Malcheff and Ufuk Danisman as the photographer with expertise in product, architectural and portrait photography.